The Benefits of Swivel Castors in Warehouses


Although there are applications for which rigid, or in-line castors, are preferable, the swivelling type is hugely advantageous in many situations and are often preferred. If you are weighing up the relative merits of different types of castor wheels and their housings, then consider all of the benefits of swivel castors. Let's examine some of the reasons why swivel castors might be the right call for your warehouse.

  • Precision Manoeuvrability

Any trucks or trolleys that are being manoeuvred in a stockroom that requires fine control will benefit from swivel castors. Some warehouses, for example, need pallets and storage boxes to be positioned in exact locations so that automated scanning equipment can read bar codes and stock numbers easily. With in-line castors, the level of precision that is required by operators is often harder to achieve. Swivel castors fit the bill in terms of specific manoeuvrability.

  • Turning

As well as allowing items to be placed exactly where they are needed, swivelling castors are better for turning trolleys in tight spaces. If, for example, four swivel castors are placed on the corner of a warehouse picking truck, then it becomes possible to turn it around on the spot. Warehouse operatives are then able to access each side of the truck to load items or to remove them, as desired. Indeed, the ability to spin 360 degrees at one aisle location means that narrower gaps between racks can be adopted within the warehouse environment. With narrower aisles, the storage space of a warehouse becomes optimised leading to greater efficiency.

  • Heavy Loading

Swivel castors are no less durable than other types of specialised castors and can cope just as well as when used under heavy loads. Most swivelling castors are designed to turn effortlessly when they rotate due to ball bearings inside them. This means that they get into line with one another rapidly when pushed. As a result, the effort needed to get a heavily laden trolley moving is minimised for operatives.

  • The Best of Both Worlds

Rigid castors versus swivelling ones is not the only way of looking at the choice available. In situations where steering and manoeuvrability are not an issue, it is possible to lock some swivelling castor products into position so that they act just like in-line ones. Given that they offer the best of both types and can be easily turned back into swivel mode when needed, why would you choose anything else?


17 March 2017

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