Tips for Buying New Tyres


One of the most important things when purchasing new tyres is to only buy them when you actually need to. If you replace your tyres before they are really in need of it, then you'll end up spending more over the course of your car's lifespan. Therefore, you should try to extend the life of your tyres by slowing down and braking softer. You can also help to preserve the life of your current set of tyres by keeping them properly inflated. Even partially flat tyres will suffer on the road, meaning you need to buy new ones prematurely. That said, what do you need to know when you are in need of a new set?

Go For Quality

It is always best to buy the highest-quality tyres that you can afford. Nearly every tyre shop in the country will offer you a choice of budget and premium tyres. Premium brands may be that bit more expensive in terms of the initial outlay, but they more than make up for it over the course of their lifetime. Budget tyres are good for the first few thousand miles that you drive but tend to deteriorate more rapidly after a while. This is especially the case if your car is parked outside and ultraviolet light falls on their sidewalls. Sunlight can break up inferior rubber compounds. On the other hand, premium brands are likely to last longer and be more cost-effective in the long run.

Reserve Your Preferred Tyres

Don't turn up to your local tyre shop and expect them to have exactly the right tyre in stock for you. If you need a certain product type, perhaps to match your other tyres, then phone ahead. Sometimes, tyre shops will also allow you to reserve your chosen product online. This means that you get exactly what you need when you turn up and won't have to hang around for a delivery or choose another tyre brand that you did not initially want.

Buy New Tyres

Avoid second-hand tyres. Although it is fine to fit a used tyre to a car, you never know exactly how long one which has been used before will ultimately last. Part-worn tyres maybe cheaper, but they are something of a false economy. If you are looking for a bargain, then ask your local tyre shop owner about any special offers or promotions he or she might have instead. Some tyre manufacturers run promotions when they are about to launch a new range.

Visit local tyre shops to learn more.


28 June 2019

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