5 Signs That You Need to Have Your Vehicle's Tyres Changed


Tyres carry the weight of the vehicle, absorb shock and maintain the vehicle's direction. They also play a crucial role in stopping the car. Considering the importance of tyres in a vehicle, you should maintain them in the best condition possible and replace them when they are no longer functioning optimally. Here are the four instances when you should replace your tyres.

1. When They Get to the End of Their Lifespan 

Essentially, you should replace your tyres after five years of service. That way, you ensure that the vehicle is safe for use. However, you should have the tyres regularly inspected by your mechanic because, in some cases, they may need a replacement earlier than expected.

2. When You Get Involved In an Accident 

In the event of an accident, you may need to replace the tyres. Although the tyres may not look damaged, the impact of the accident can easily compromise their effectiveness. As such, it is important to replace them to ensure continued safety on the road.

3. When You Cover Many Miles

Perhaps your tyres have not attained the five-year mark, but they have covered many miles. That implies that they are equivalently damaged as those that have been in use for a long time. Generally, it is recommendable to replace your tyres after covering more than sixty thousand miles. 

4. When You Notice Vibrations from the Car

There are numerous reasons why your car can vibrate when driving. If unchecked, the vibrations can cause damage to the tyres. Even so, the vibrations can indicate that your tyres are not stable. For that reason, you should have the wheels inspected. Your mechanic will identify the root cause of the vibration and realign the wheels or replace them if necessary.

5. When Tyre Tread Wear Down 

Tyres should have a grip on the road. They are only able to maintain a grip because of their tread. However, the continuous use of the tyres causes the treads to wear out. The tread should always be deep in order for the wheels to have the required grip. If you notice that they are not deep enough, have them replaced. 

You should also check to see if all the tyres have the same treads. Differing tread depth on the wheels affects their efficiency, which calls for the replacement of all the wheels.

When the time comes to replace your tyres, look for a reputable automotive tyre supplier. Quality tyres last longer and offer you added safety on the road.


15 June 2021

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