Wheel Alignment: Why This Procedure Is Crucial For Your Vehicle


For some motorists, the primary worry they have when it comes to their tyres is having to deal with a flat. Although this is the most common problem that would affect your tyres, it is not the only issue that you could face. Over time, your wheels start to become misaligned, and this can significantly decrease your quality of driving. As such, just as you take your car for routine service, you should also have a fixed schedule for tyre alignment.

6 April 2017

Improving Fuel Efficiency on the School Run


School runs are usually one of the least efficient uses of your car. There are several reasons for this, including the short nature of most suburban school runs and the relatively low speeds that you need to travel at when approaching a school. Remember that every school run in the car means you use up more fuel, but you can make things better for your budget by ensuring your vehicle is set up to run as efficiently as possible.

29 March 2017

The Benefits of Swivel Castors in Warehouses


Although there are applications for which rigid, or in-line castors, are preferable, the swivelling type is hugely advantageous in many situations and are often preferred. If you are weighing up the relative merits of different types of castor wheels and their housings, then consider all of the benefits of swivel castors. Let's examine some of the reasons why swivel castors might be the right call for your warehouse. Precision Manoeuvrability

17 March 2017

Truck Tyre Maintenance: Prolonging Longevity and Improving Efficiency


Commercial trucks are heavy vehicles, and they are commonly used to haul substantial cargo. Therefore, it is crucial to make certain that the upper structure of the vehicle is properly supported from beneath. The tyres are responsible for this task, so you should ensure that the modules are in good condition for ideal functionality and safety. Here are some crucial maintenance guidelines for truck tyres to help you prolong their general lifespan and even improve the vehicle's efficiency.

15 March 2017

How to Troubleshoot a Few Common Problems With Trailer Lighting


When you have a trailer hooked up to your vehicle, you need to ensure the lights work properly each and every time you're on the road; even when driving a short distance, having the brake lights or turn signals fail can increase your risk of an accident, for which you would no doubt be liable. Note a few tips for troubleshooting common problems with trailer lighting so you can know where to start looking when something goes wrong and can know what your mechanic may need to fix if you cannot tackle the problem on your own.

7 March 2017

Beyond the Tyre Swing: Using Old Tyres to Create a Preschool Playground


If you are trying to build a kiddie playground for your preschool or child care centre, consider creating it out of recycled tyres. Multiple studies indicate old tyres are safe for children to play near, and building a playground out of free discarded tyres can be both fun and affordable. Contact all of the supporters of your preschool or child care centre, urge them to donate old tyres and then, create these fun ideas:

6 May 2015