Rolling Safe: Professional Tyre Maintenance and Expert Advice


When it comes to ensuring the safety and performance of your vehicle, paying close attention to your tyres is essential. Regular checks, repairs and changes can help extend the life of your tyres and ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly and safely. Consider the following factors why you should have them professionally checked, repaired or changed by a mechanic and the advice they can offer: The Importance of Professional Tyre Checks 

14 February 2023

What's the Best Material for Castor Wheels?


If you have to move equipment or furniture in virtually any industrial or commercial scenario, you will probably rely on castor wheels. Their ingenious design makes them suitable for so many different applications as they can ensure maximum manoeuvrability without too much drama. Yet, these wheels come in many varieties and are also made from vastly different materials. So, before you buy any new wheels or purchase equipment or furniture that is already equipped, take a closer look at this material first.

21 March 2022

5 Signs That You Need to Have Your Vehicle's Tyres Changed


Tyres carry the weight of the vehicle, absorb shock and maintain the vehicle's direction. They also play a crucial role in stopping the car. Considering the importance of tyres in a vehicle, you should maintain them in the best condition possible and replace them when they are no longer functioning optimally. Here are the four instances when you should replace your tyres. 1. When They Get to the End of Their Lifespan 

15 June 2021

Why Is Car Tracking An Important Part of a Service?


When your car is serviced, it will have numerous checks carried out on it. The oil level will be confirmed, the seatbelts will be checked for their safety and the brake pads will be looked at to make sure there is enough wear left in them. Of course, your car's tyres should also be inspected, too. This will mean looking for bulges in the sidewall, wear to the tread and any gouging that might have occurred.

21 August 2020

Tips for Buying New Tyres


One of the most important things when purchasing new tyres is to only buy them when you actually need to. If you replace your tyres before they are really in need of it, then you'll end up spending more over the course of your car's lifespan. Therefore, you should try to extend the life of your tyres by slowing down and braking softer. You can also help to preserve the life of your current set of tyres by keeping them properly inflated.

28 June 2019

What Are The Different Types Of Tyre Treads?


Not all tyres are created equal, and which ones you should pick for your car depends mostly on what you intend to use your car for and what kinds of terrain and conditions you'll need to drive in. If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the options and you're not sure which ones to choose, don't panic—it's not as complex as you think! Read on for a quick introductory guide that will help you make the right choice.

28 June 2017

Understanding Your Vehicle's Brakes, and When They Need Servicing


Your vehicle's brakes are obviously very important; neglecting needed repair or replacement for any brake part can be dangerous for you and for other drivers on the road. This can also mean allowing a small fix to become a very expensive repair job. Understanding some basics about your vehicle's brakes can help you to better understand when and why they should be maintained and may need servicing. Note a few factors to consider about properly maintained brakes, and discuss the need for new brakes on your vehicle with your mechanic as needed:

16 June 2017

Wheel Alignment: Why This Procedure Is Crucial For Your Vehicle


For some motorists, the primary worry they have when it comes to their tyres is having to deal with a flat. Although this is the most common problem that would affect your tyres, it is not the only issue that you could face. Over time, your wheels start to become misaligned, and this can significantly decrease your quality of driving. As such, just as you take your car for routine service, you should also have a fixed schedule for tyre alignment.

6 April 2017

Improving Fuel Efficiency on the School Run


School runs are usually one of the least efficient uses of your car. There are several reasons for this, including the short nature of most suburban school runs and the relatively low speeds that you need to travel at when approaching a school. Remember that every school run in the car means you use up more fuel, but you can make things better for your budget by ensuring your vehicle is set up to run as efficiently as possible.

29 March 2017

The Benefits of Swivel Castors in Warehouses


Although there are applications for which rigid, or in-line castors, are preferable, the swivelling type is hugely advantageous in many situations and are often preferred. If you are weighing up the relative merits of different types of castor wheels and their housings, then consider all of the benefits of swivel castors. Let's examine some of the reasons why swivel castors might be the right call for your warehouse. Precision Manoeuvrability

17 March 2017